10/27/03 is a body of work that explores religious indoctrination, familial legacy, and identity in relation to my spiritual and mental development within the confines of a religious upbringing. Inspired by W.E.B. Du Bois's analysis of the Black American experience and his questioning of what it means to be Black and American, I seek to use his analysis as a framework for my own personal investigations. With this body of work, my question is focused on who gets to constitute the spiritual value of a black individual and whether that spiritual value can co-exist within environments of divisiveness and trauma.

Informed by my own personal experiences as a child being raised within the Apostolic Christian church, 10/27/03 is a visual interpretation of an inner dialogue about my religious childhood experiences and how they conflict with an understanding of self. The title 10/27/03 is used as a metaphor for both a beginning and an end—the end to a child’s innocuous understanding of life as they know it and the beginning of a “spiritual rebirth”.

With this body of work, I’m seeking to question my own spiritual value and how that can be in conflict with my identity. Through the use of visual metaphors and allegorical portraiture, I’m seeking to investigate how growing up with stringent belief systems incapacitates the body and mind—to further understand how our traumas, familial legacies, and experiences contribute to and inform the Black psyche.